Ryan Matchett

Reverend Ryan S Matchett
Ryan, his wife Jackie and their 5 beautiful girls live in Lethbridge AB where they pastor at Via Church Lethbridge. Ryan leads Corpus Christi, a revolutionary school devoted to discipling the Church in a systematic application of the Gospel for real life, real challenges, and real callings. With over a hundred students in Lethbridge and three video campuses in Regina, Comox, & Calgary, Corpus has quickly developed a reputation for having a “Gospel that works.” Ryan and Jackie are currently developing curriculums on The Gospel and Identity, Marriage, & Parenting (among others).

Ryan feels especially called to the Canadian Church. To see Her built
on an Ancient Faith for Modern Living, and Convergent to the core.

Twitter: @boxtheology
Instagram: @rmatchett
Email: ryan.m@rolchurch.ca
Corpus Christi: http://www.rolchurch.ca/index.php?p=Corpus_Christi
Sermons: https://vimeo.com/rolchurch